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Project title: “The RDI strategic agenda of the IND-AGRO-POL innovation cluster” – INDAGRO


Project funded by: Subprogram 2 of the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation 2015-2020 (PN III)


Project type: Cluster Organization and Development - Innovative Cluster (CLS)


Project code: PN–III–P2_2.1–CLS–2017-0009/ 2 CLS/ 2018


Duration of the project: 02.07.2018 - 30.06.2020


Total budget: 413.500 RON                                                                                     


State budget:  350.000 RON


Own financial contribution: 63.500 RON


The overall objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the member enterprises of the IND-AGRO-POL innovation cluster, awarded with silver label by ESCA (called competitiveness pole, being an innovation cluster with national and international vocation, with members located in the 8 regions of Romania) , from the agro-industrial sector (technologies and technical equipment for agriculture and food industry) and from related sectors (bio-economy, environment and climate changes, eco-technologies, ICT) with economic relevance for Romania and South Muntenia Region (SM) where the project is implemented (included in the priority domains of smart specialization at national level-SNCDI 2014-2020 and regional-Smart Specialization Strategy of the SM Region and in the domains specified in SNC 2015-2020); by concentrating resources and developing the production of innovative goods, resulting from RDI activities planned and carried out in cooperation within the cluster. Within the project, the following will be achieved: 1. The strategic RDI cluster strategy, with the setting of RDI objectives for development within the cluster of new or improved products / technologies / services, based on the market study specific to the identified opportunities for innovation; 2. Implementation plan associated with the strategic RDI agenda, with detailing of the responsibilities of each cluster member  involved and with assuming its implementation by the cluster members, based on shared use of resources; 3. The cluster strategy of expansion on internal markets and access on foreign markets which aim both the development of specialized centers/ services in domains specific to the innovative goods which will be carried out in the cluster, as well as the capitalization on the potential for international collaboration with the RDI component; 4. Innovation activities for cluster members; 5. Activities to promote cooperation for innovation, at the cluster level.