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The IND-AGRO-POL pole of competitiveness is an innovation cluster (a national network with international vocation) of the main actors in the agro-industry sector and in the related sectors. The cluster has 134 members (including SMEs, Big enterprises, Professional Association, RDI institutes, Universities, Regional Authorities, Catalysts) from all Romanian regions, linked on the specific value chains.


The mission of IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole (innovation cluster) is to stimulate the innovation and collaboration in the agro-industrial sector (technologies and technical equipment construction for agriculture and food industry) and in related sectors (Bio-economy, renewable energy, environment and climate changes, eco-technologies and advanced materials, information technology and communications), in order to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainable development of these sectors, of regional development and intelligent growth, sustainable and favorable to social inclusion.


The main sector addressed:

- Agro-industry (technologies and technical equipment for agriculture and food industry)

Related sectors addressed:

- Bio-economy

- Renewable energy

- Environment and climate changes

- Eco-technologies and advanced materials

- Information technology and communications.


The IND-AGRO-POL profile is registered on the NEW ECCP


IND-AGRO-POL is affiliated entity within the “Future materials and products for advanced smart packaging” (AdPack) project (Call COS–CLUSTER-2014-3-03 Cluster Go International).

The Partnership agreement was signed on March 2016 between BalticNet-PlasmaTec (BNPT) and IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole.

According to this Partnership agreement, IND-AGRO-POL Association would like to be part of the future European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) AdPack.


Starting on 2012, IND-AGRO-POL has its own Development Strategy.



Objectives of IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole:

Ø  Harmonization and representation of all members;

Ø  Creating and commercialization of innovative products and services in the field of technologies and technical equipment for agriculture and food industry and also in related fields;

Ø  Increasing the competitiveness of cluster members by tangible and intangible investments, financed from own resources and from national and European funds;

Ø  Creating conditions to ensure sustainable development of the regions from the geographical area of IND-AGRO-POL;

Ø  Creating the regional clusters as regional pillars of IND-AGRO-POL. The first one was created in 2013 (Indagro Vest cluster).

Ø  Identifying the opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration between IND-AGRO-POL members and also between another Romanian, European and international clusters. One useful tool on this way is the "Competence mapping" methodology developed by Lower Austria. This tool was already applied in INMA (member of IND-AGRO-POL) as a pilot action.



The key activities of your cluster organisation:

1.      Cooperation:     

Ø  Implementing and monitoring of IND-AGRO-POL development strategy;

Ø  Initiation and development of actions and common projects between business environment, RDI environment, authorities and catalytic entities, including the cross-sectoral ones;

Ø  Establishment of common databases and know-how, with the corresponding protection of intellectual property;

Ø  Optimization of non - technological resources, common acquisitions, common processes.

2.   RDI:

Ø  Initiation and development of joint RDI projects, including the inter-disciplinary ones;

Ø  Development of joint innovative prototypes and products;

Ø  Optimization of technological processes;

Ø  Development of innovative business of common interest.

3.   Training / Vocational human resources:

Ø  Identification of common necessary for training and human resources forming;

Ø  Organization of information and training seminars, training courses of human resources;

Ø  Elaboration of proposals for adapting the university curricula and of the pre and postgraduate, accordingly to specialized human resource needs of the cluster members;

Ø  Supporting jointly of doctoral and postdoctoral programs from the field of activity of the cluster.

4.   Marketing and PR:

Ø  PR and common communication, common website, common newsletters;

Ø  Editing of publications of common interest;

Ø  Joint organization of regional events, national and international;

Ø  Development of common databases;

Ø  Organization of jointly participation in the regional fairs, national and international;

Ø  Organizing joint campaigns for attracting of young professionals.

5.   Networking and Internationalization:

Ø  Organization of events, study visits, exchanges of experience, economical missions, brokerages, company missions, in the common interest of members;

Ø  Collaboration with other innovation clusters/ competitiveness poles of the country and abroad in order to achieve of strategic partnerships.

6.   Transfer of knowledge:

Ø  Common Market Studies;

Ø  Technological audits, diagnosis and prognosis audits;

Ø  Organization of technology brokerages;

Ø  Development of start-ups and spin-offs, appropriate to development necessary of cluster.



Activities are carried out by a team of specialists having an extensive and demonstrated experience in domain. 


The cluster organization (entity for cluster management) of IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole (innovation cluster) is “ASOCIATIA IND-AGRO-POL” (IND-AGRO-POL Association).


Cluster organisation’ international activities:

1. IND-AGRO-POL is affiliated entity within the “Future materials and products for advanced smart packaging” (AdPack) project (Call COS–CLUSTER-2014-3-03 Cluster Go International).

The Partnership agreement was signed between BalticNet-PlasmaTec (BNPT) and IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole.

According to this Partnership agreement, IND-AGRO-POL Association would like to be part of the future European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) AdPack.

2. IND-AGRO-POL is member of the specific international networks:

2.1 “biomastec Danube Network

The aim of biomastecDanube Network co-financed

 by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is to support German universities, research institutions and companies to establish networks with excellent researchers and SMEs in the Danube States in order to develop and implement joint cooperation strategies and projects.

2.2 “Balkan&Black Sea Cluster Network

One of the general objective of collaboration is contribution to Inter-cluster connecting C2C, B2C, B2B, promotion and internationalization of the BBS clusters with the aim of boosting the innovations and competitiveness in the region through clusters.

2.3 Meta-Network of Clusters in the Framework of ClusterPolisee Project

2.4 IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole initiated in 2013 a Memorandum Of Understanding on co-operation in the field of the agro-industrial clusters development and cluster and innovation policies support within the Danube Region countries - Danu4AgroInd (Danube for Agro-Industrial Clusters Network). Until now this MoU is signed by 11 members from Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Moldavia and Romania;

2.5 CLUSTERO – Romanian Clusters Association ( The cluster manager of IND-AGRO-POL is the Vice-president of CLUSTERO.

3.The IND-AGRO-POL management team participated at the specific calls of the European Commission for c2c matchmaking events:

- SME Internationalization through Clusters - Cluster Matchmaking Event organized in La Louviere – Belgium, on 17.02-19.02.2014;

- SME Internationalization through Clusters - Cluster Matchmaking Event organized in Seville and Merida – Spain, on 3-4.04.2014;

- Cluster Matchmaking Event on agro-food manufacturing value-chain in EUROMED countries, organized in Milan - Italy, on 6-7.05.2015.

During these events the cluster management team had a lot of meetings in the name of cluster members and identified a lot of potential collaborations.

4. In the context of Enterprise Europe Network, the cluster organization and the members of IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole participated at the specific company missions and b2b events:

·       Innovat&Match Brokerage Event 2023, Bologna, Italy (08 - 09 June 2023);

·       Austrian World Summit 2023 - Online B2B Matchmaking (16 – 17 May 2023);

·       Horizon Europe Cluster 1: Health Brokerage Event16 March 2023 - 17 March 2023 Istanbul, Turkey;

·       Horizon Europe Cluster 6: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment 2023-2024 Calls (02 - 03 March 2023);

·       Innovent Forum 2023 – Matchmaking Event), Larissa Grece. (10 - 12 February 2023);

·       Virtual Brokerage Event @ Innovation Village 2022. Support for client registrasion (03 - 17 November 2022);

·       W4RES-GREENET Joint Virtual B2B: HE Energy supply/use calls for proposals (29 September 2022);

·       Med2Meet 2022 - virtual healthcare cooperation day (18 May 2022);

·       SIVAL - VIBE 2022 - plant and crop productions business meetings (15 – 18  March 2022);

·       Qatar Matchmaking & Exhibition Event 2022 ( 22 Feb 2022 to 24 Feb 2022 )

·       Brokerage Event - Smart Clusters. Value chains. Business driven innovationbrokerage event organized during 6th National Romanian Cluster Conference - Smart Clusters. Value Chains. Business Driven Innovation, in Bucharest, Romania, on 27.10.2017;

·       INDAGRA Brokerage Event 2017brokerage event organized in Bucharest, Romania, on 27.10.2017;

·       Agriculture and mechanical engineering company mission” company mission organized during the „ISB-INMA TEH ' 2017 - Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering" International Symposium in Bucharest, Romania, on 26.10.2017;

·       Matchmaking event for clusters during the Open Innovation Conference 2.0brokerage event organized in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on 12.06.2017;

·       Brokerage Event - Cross-clustering partnership for boosting eco-innovation by develpoing a joint bio-based value-added network for the Danube Regiobrokerage event organized in Prague, Czech Republic, on 30.03.2017;

·       Agrodealers from Poland and Romania meeting Finnish agromachinery companiesbrokerage event organized in Jyväskylä, Finland, on 6.10.2016;

·       Clusters as drivers of value chain development across the Danube Region” brokerage event organized in Galati, Romania, on 5-6.10.2016;

·       “Romania Trade Mission” company mission (UK-Romania b2b) organized in Bucharest, Romania, on 1-2.03.2016;

·       Romania-Bulgaria company mission on environmental technologies for agro-industry, organized in Ruse, Bulgaria, on 25.11.2015;

·       “III Company Mission for construction and engineering companies - Italy/Romania” organized in Bucharest, Romania, on 18-20.11.2015;

·       Bulgaria-Spain-Turkey-Taiwan-New Zeeland-Romania company mission on agro-industry, organized in Bucharest, Romania, on 30.10.2015;

·       "Days of clusters" brokerage event, organized in Brasov, Romania, on 22-23.10.2015 (meetings with organization from Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Italy, Serbia, Albania);

·       Brokerage event organized during the International Conference of Clusters, in Iasi, Romania, on 23.09.2015;

·       Italy-Romania b2b event organized in Bucharest and Iasi, Romania, on 22-23.06.2015;

·       Romania-France fact finding event organized in Lyon, France, on 20.05.2015.

In 2016 IND-AGRO-POL participated at “Cluster Managers Training” organized by Innovation Norway.

Starting on 6.05.2016 IND-AGRO-POL is member of the Clusters Consortium from Bucharest-Ilfov Region;

In the context of “New Models of Innovation for Strategic Cluster Partnerships - CLUSTERIX 2.0” project financed by INTERREG EUROPE project, IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole participated in 2016 at the “Regional Approaches Conducive to Implement S3 through Clusters” policy benchmarking organized by ESCA - European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis - VDI/VDE InnovationTechnikGmbH, Germany, in collaboration Anteja ECG d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia. Clusters and policy makers from Austria, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Check Republic participated in at this benchmarking exercise.